Slow Slow Loris use voice and electronics to search for the intersections where melody meets noise, emotional meets avant-garde, feminine meets industrial, non-rhythm meets accuracy, and raw meets craft. |They released their first album, From Monster till Mourning on Staaltape, and their second album, Of Heroes in Helium on Cloister Recordings. They are currently looking forward to the upcoming release of their third album, Outside the Royal Room

"An epic, sweeping live performance using vocal melodies, samples, various instruments, live looping and multiple pedal chains to coax the music out of the noise. They enter raw emotional imagination to give the nuances of one`s subconscious permission to come forth...a sensitive blend of music meeting noise, reaching a wide range of audiences and venues from clubs and festival stages to concert halls and art galleries."

"The slow loris species is considered vulnerable and endangered. They are believed to be the gatekeepers for the heavens and are used in traditional medicine to ward off evil, but a slow loris is continually seeing ghosts, that is why it hides its face in its hands."


 24-26 August

24-26 August

 15 June Barcelona  Màgia Roja

15 June Barcelona Màgia Roja

23 November MEM Festival Bilbao

16-18 November Hungarian Tour Debrecen(canceled)-Miskolc-Budapest

15 November "Of Heroes in Helium" is out on CD!

11.August Sentimental Punk#24

 2-3 June  ZNFI , Slovenia

2-3 June ZNFI, Slovenia



ANY (angela nina yeowell) transmits data through voice and noise music. Along with processed samples, she plays broken melodies on misshapen instruments, and sings to the resulting waves of intensity and silence, boredom and splendor.  Her espionage of the sub-conscious can sometimes result in visuals, such as the creation of, and performance with non-musical instruments and sonic costumes.

For eight years, she was a professional classical dancer in Europe and the USA, before she transitioned into creating interdisciplinary performance art pieces and noise music, under the name of Ballerina Eight. She has two Master’s degrees, one in choreography from the University of Colorado at Boulder and one in sound art from the University of London. She performed extensively in the U.S. and was a professor of movement and vocal improvisation before relocating to Berlin in 2008, where she primarily performs and researches the sonic body as ANY (anonymous neutral yonder).



G6PD (Robert Heim) shapes sculptures of sound with unpredictable outcomes, like subconsciously painting emotions. With a non-conceptual, experimental approach, he uses and abuses audio, destroys song structures and music styles, and collages unexpected tunes that often lead into a sonic weird deep electro-acoustic mess.

For four years he provided the sound for OKO, an audio-visual drone-noise hybrid, performing multimedia concerts and releasing 5730±40 on Land of Decay. During this time, G6PD became more of a studio recording artist, as well as producing and doing recording jobs for different musicians, which prompted him to upgrade his studio skills that began with 4 track tapes in the early 90`s. He was 15 when he started the local punk band and then via different new wave, industrial and electro projects, he moved on to goa trance INDRA DANUSH, dark psy techno trance SPICE PAX and dubby ambient ARCO BALENO. After burning out on the club scene 10 years ago, he gave rise to G6PD.